6 Feb 2015

6 Feb 2015

Identify perpetuating factors causing your pain


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Perpetuating factors are actions or habits that you may be performing unknowingly that are exacerbating your pain issue. Factors contributing to trigger point development are things like structural problems (such as Morton’s foot, head forward posture or leg inequality) or trauma (whiplash, twisting suddenly) or repetitive strain on the body, (repetitive action many times a day) to name a few.


In order to stop trigger point activity, the perpetuating factors need to be identified and eliminated or modified to stop the pain and stop the offensive activity. Understanding TrPs and their perpetuating factors can give some measure of control over symptoms.


Providing this education to you is a tip for prevention and one step towards eliminating the condition.


For example, poor posture such as head forward position, or staring at computer screens, or driving for long periods of time may create pain you feel in between your shoulder blades. And it burns. You and your therapist can determine the perpetuating factors which apply and thus improve your condition.


Read below what Dr. Travell and Dr. Simons say:


1″If we treat myofascial pain syndromes without . . . correcting the multiple perpetuating factors, the patient is doomed to endless cycles of treatment and relapse. [Perpetuating factors are] the most neglected part of the management of myofascial pain syndromes . . . The answer to the question, ‘How long will the beneficial results of specific myofascial therapy last?’, depends largely on what perpetuating factors remain unresolved . . . One may view perpetuating factors also as predisposing factors, since their presence tends to make the muscles more susceptible to the activation of [trigger points] . . . Usually, one stress activates the [trigger point], then other factors perpetuate it. In some patients, these perpetuating factors are so important that their elimination results in complete relief of the pain without any local treatment.”

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